About Buffalo Blanks

craig and kenda

Kenda Lenseigne & Craig Stodart

Craig Stodart, owner of Buffalo Blanks, LLC, never thought growing up that he would be a cowboy mounted shooter. Born and raised in New Zealand he always thought his life would be there. In 1997 he married a gal from Wyoming and was immediately thrust into the cowboy way of life. They started out raising cattle, horses and kids when their lives took a turn. Craig and Lea made a move to improve their business and their weather, packed up their ranch and headed to Oklahoma in 2008.

Not long after they moved Craig was introduced to mounted shooting and met some great friends and competitors. One such person mentioned that Buffalo Blanks was for sale and wished someone would take it on. Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, Craig asked for more information, talked to his financial consultant, and made a trip to Arizona to purchase the company and its inventory.

Craig saw ways to improve the system that had been used to manufacture the blanks and worked tirelessly to have the machines running the way he wanted. Then he saw ways to improve on other aspects of the products and put his creative mind to the test. All the while using his own line of blanks to hone his skills as a shooter.

Having a set of horses to choose from at any time made it a lot easier for him to train his own shooting horses. He’s won multiple World Championships and holds a World Record. He thoroughly enjoys the sport and puts his whole heart into building a quality blank that shoots consistently. With the help of Kenda Lenseigne, he has become not only a quality source of blanks but also a fierce competitor. He is very active in his local mounted shooting association supporting the shoots and helping new members get started. He also sponsors several clinics each year to help shooters improve their skills and horsemanship.

Craig hopes that everyone gets as much enjoyment from the sport as he does.


About Buffalo Blanks Ammunition

craig with target balloonsWe are proud to offer high quality .45 caliber Cowboy Mounted Shooting Blank Ammunition. We manufacture Competition Blanks, Training Blanks and Rifle Blanks. We know that you will like them because we know what you want--we are cowboy mounted shooters too and we have made more than a million of our proven blanks with the best materials on the market since 2006. Buffalo Blanks also prides itself in manufacturing and providing mounted shooting supplies including balloon sticks / balloon pegs, target rods, competition balloons, horse earplugs, human earplugs and balloon tables.

Buffalo Blanks sell for as low as $.41 per round and can be purchased in quantities of 100, 500, and 1000. Buffalo Blanks is the only supplier of mounted shooting ammo to sell and ship the low quantity of 100 blanks. Buffalo Blanks are boxed and shipped the same business day that your order is received, by UPS Ground, anywhere in the continental U.S..

  • CMSA Certified #15 - Perfect Test Score
  • Shipped by UPS the same business day your order is received
  • Buffalo Blanks uses only the finest components to make its product
  • Specially made Starline .45 Caliber Brass for easy unloading after firing
  • Our Blanks will not stick in your cylinder after they are fired!
  • Goex Black Powder provides a consistent pattern, burn and reach
  • CCI primers provide a reliable and proven ignition every time
  • Made for Mounted Shooters by Mounted Shooters!